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Caspers Profile

He's cool! He's friendly! He morphs into many funny shapes...and he's dead! That's Casper, the lonely, lovable ghost who haunts the halls of Whipstaff Manor. Casper would love to hang out with you, but he's usually too busy being bullied and over worked by his uncles, The Ghostly Trio. In spite of this, Casper always tries to look on the bright side of after life. When Carrigan and Dibs try to move into his home he was excited to have them there, and wound up scaring them off.

He seemed to become sad with the fact that they left and started watching the TV. That's when he came across Dr.Harvey and his daughter who he immediately seemed to fall for. So in an attempt to get to meet the good doctor and Kat, he forced himself through the lines and showed the broadcast to Carrigan. His plan seemed to have worked quite well, as soon both the Doctor and Kat were at his front door.

Not too many people have a keen eye for noticing the little things in the backgrounds. For example the newspapers that Kat and Casper were reading in the attic. On the paper it reads "J.T. McFadden" which we can only assume is Caspers father. We don't yet know the mothers name or the uncles real names. Though it's pretty fun to make them up! Other info on the paper lists that Casper was 11 years old when he died, and that it was from Pneumonia.

In the TV series, Casper seems to go to Ghost School to learn how to scare and be scary. The classes are taught by Ms.Banshee, who his uncles seem to love to flirt with. What can also be noted is that Casper is a little bolder in the series to his Uncles than he is in the movie. Another thing in the series is that he's friends with Poil and always trying to out do Spooky at things.